Ideas are like sun rays, which have no specific direction but when focused in one direction they illuminates.

SingleDesk Solutions Private Limited (OPC), hereafter referred to as SingleDesk Solutions does the same, bring your new business ideas to us and we will make it happen. We have experienced team from all key components of a start-up, who will step-by-step convert your raw ideas into concrete business plan and strategies to implement it.

As a Complete Business Management and Advisory Consultancy, our objectives are to provide End-to-end Services, Custom-Made Business Solutions with Single Window Operations for any company that wishes to avail any of these services. We aim at being your single point of contact for these Business Management and Enhancement Services.

We are Consultancy, registered in the city of Mumbai, India. Our associates and executives are located in various parts of the country, ranging from New Delhi to Chennai and Ahmedabad to Bhubaneswar. We provide local business assistance irrespective of your location on the globe. This is not only limited to India, we have strong networks in Gulf, Europe, North America, Far East and Africa.

IMG_3939Sauraj Kumar, Founder and Managing Director, has several years of professional experience. BS in Computer Science, California, MBA in International Business from London and Intern with First Secretary, Economic Division at High Commission of India, London, UK provided insights of Corporate World. He enjoys being a Photographer and Traveler.

Our strong network of Financial Advisers, Business law veterans, IT Engineers, Marketing Experts and Relationship Managers bring all services required by a Growing / New company under a single roof. Get in touch today to know more about our services.

Our Services range from Capacity Building to Trade Show Representation, Trade Missions, M&A, Market Research, Local Management Support, Company Incorporation and Local Team Building.