Best handshakeForeign companies are increasingly looking to secure their positions in India. It is not always possible to start from scratch in a foreign land as time constraint involved may make a new company too late to enter the competition. For a quick growth and safe entry to Indian market Mergers and Acquisitions are a common practice. Here are a few important factors that are supporting this rising trend in India:

At SingleDesk Solutions, we have industry experts with several years of experience. With their guidance our Auditors, Legal Experts and Financial Advisers take pride in their work to provide effortless Merger and Acquisition. At each stage of transaction process we stand by the client and make the difficult task seem simple.

So whether, you wish to take over a Company, or sell your Enterprise or wish to enter into a Joint Venture / Partnership we secure all such deals by finding the right party exactly according to your requirement. We also advice you and take precautions to against any possible risk factors and probably erroneous business decisions.

You can leave the intricate affairs of Market volatility, Stakeholder management, Credit ratings, Legal matters of the country, and Cultural impacts to us and focus on business development, manufacturing set up, operations management etc. Our tax consultants will ensure you are not bitten by double taxation issues.