Cross Border Trade Consultancy

If you are looking for assistance in establishing a new venture abroad, finding new business partners, securing supply chain networks, finding manufactures, or auditing cross border trade taxes and payments you are at the right place.

Company Formation in India

Our team of professional Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries and other accounting personnel remove the burden of documentation, book keeping and litigation (if any) so that you may focus on your core business competencies and maximize profits.

Human Resource consultancy

After you set up your company in India or abroad, the first thing you would need is local talent to run your business profitably. This is where SingleDesk comes to your assistance. We recruit right employees exactly matching your job requirements from India or from the country of your choice.

Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and business development today is a smart and customized approach using various media channels and technologies that use brand recognition and quality content marketing to woo the right audience at the right time.

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultants in India

Foreign companies are increasingly looking to secure their positions in India. It is not always possible to start from scratch in a foreign land and the time constraint involved may make a new company too late to enter the competition. For a quick growth and safe entry to Indian market mergers and acquisitions are a common practice.

Inventory Control Services

Despite having great product range, capable management and big budgets for marketing companies have failed when they could not correctly nail the Inventory control process. Incorrect inventory control means lesser profit margins and in today’s competitive world it decides how long you last in the market.

Foreign Direct Investment Facilitation

We facilitate easy and clean FDI procedures for foreign investors in India. This service applies to shares, debentures, convertibles and preference shares of any publicly listed Indian business entity.